How are we responding to policy? – II


Some tentative definitions – in no order of priority!

In response to policies affecting youth work (organisational; local; national) do you see yourself as:

Potentially dissenting       

Individuals who are perhaps uneasy about or have a clear critique of what is happening but are unsure if and how to express these reactions

Actively dissenting

Individuals and groups openly challenging the current situation

Subversively dissenting

Individuals and groups ‘in and against’ their organisations – trying to get change silently from within

Staying self-reliant

Individuals (perhaps in principle) working independently as a form of non-conformist dissent

Reconciled accommodating

Individuals who have adjusted to, and are reconciled to working within, their organisation’s policies, etc.

Resentfully accommodating

Individuals who are going along with their organisation’s policies, etc. but are dissatisfied with these and uncomfortable about their own position and reactions


Individuals who feel positive about and supportive of their organisation’s policies

?? – A response not captured by any of the above

[Developed from a National Coalition for Independent Action report by Penny Waterhouse]



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